Hope Makes a Broken Heart Bigger by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

Mark 4:35–41 by Rob Myallis

Holy Power for Imperfect Preachers by Ray Ortlund (Desiring God)

Don’t Run Out of Jesus While Preaching Grace by Rechab Gray (The Gospel Coalition)

When Did You Last See Grace? by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Five useful questions by Seth Godin

Letter #36: On friendship by Ali Montag

Becoming a More Critical Consumer of Information by Marcus Buckingham (Harvard Business Review)

Make Classics, Not Content by Lawrence Yeo


The Strong Case For Chest Supported Rows by Geoffrey Verity Schofield


We Are All Mats Hummels


The Neglected Ministry of Asking Questions by Blake Glosson (The Gospel Coalition)

Why Did God Allow Polygamy? by Sam Emadi (Desiring God)

Mark 4:26–34 by Rob Myallis

The Only Certain Hope on Earth by Mark Jones (Desiring God)

The (Whole) Old Testament Law in One Word by Josh Philpot (The Gospel Coalition)

‘You Did Not Choose Me’ by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Two ways to challenge the status quo by Seth Godin

Digging the Well by Scott Young

Clarifying Problems / Effective Feedback by Jake Bornstein (Talentism)

What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It) by Tasha Eurich (Harvard…


Mark 3:20–35 by Rob Myallis

A Most Offensive Love by Joe Rigney (Desiring God)

Follow the Trinity by Following Christ: Discipleship in a Trinitarian Key by Fred Sanders (The Gospel Coalition)

Whatever Christ Commands He Gives by Matt Bradner (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

How to Ask Useful Questions by Josh Kaufman

Why Is Listening So Hard? by Alasdair Groves (Desiring God)

How to Talk to Skeptical Kids About Heaven by Jenny Manley (The Gospel Coalition)


MDMA for PTSD? by Peter Attia

What is the Aerobic Heart Rate Zone and How Do You Target it? by Casey Meserve (WHOOP)

How Breaks Change Our…


The Long Night of the Soul by Jonathan Tjarks (The Ringer)

Acts 2:1–11 by Rob Myallis

To All Who Need Rest by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)

Doubt, Deconstruction, and Patient Faith by Jay Kim (The Gospel Coalition)

You Have Need of Endurance by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)

When the Ground Gives Way by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Letter to a friend who may start a new investment platform by Graham Duncan

Letter #34: On wanting by Ali Montag

The Mental Benefits of Being Terrible at Something by Brad Stulberg (Outside)

Asymmetric Opportunities and the Cult of Optionality by Applied Divinity…


Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ by Peter Kreeft

We have a Parent in God by Northwood Church

The 5 Movements in Isaiah by Davy Ellison (The Gospel Coalition)

Act Like Men of God by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

Even Dementia Is Not Dark to God by Cynthia Fischer (The Gospel Coalition)

Behold Your Mother by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Acts 1:1–11 (Acts 1:1–14) by Rob Myallis

Luke 24:44–53 (Ascension) by Rob Myallis

Easter 7: Given to the World by David Lose

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

The 10 Essential Strategies for Deeper Learning by Scott Young

6 Principles for Navigating Challenges in Life by…


Why Jesus’s Humanity Matters as Much as His Divinity by Michael Kruger (The Gospel Coalition)

The Word of God Comes Alive in Conflict by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Christianity Can Be the Safest Space for Truth-Seeking Intellectuals by Brett McCracken (The Gospel Coalition)

Seeking God Through Doubt by Joseph Minich (Desiring God)

John 15:9–17 by Rob Myallis

Acts 10:44–48 by Rob Myallis

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Radical Acceptance Can Keep Emotional Pain From Turning Into Suffering by Jenny Taitz (The New York Times)

A New Understanding of Effort by Scott Young

George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates by Joel Lovell (The New York Times)



Should Christians Keep the Sabbath? by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

Your Whole Bible Is About Jesus by Matt Smethurst (The Gospel Coalition)

Acts 8:26–40 by Rob Myallis

Easter 5 B 2021: Vine & Branch Questions by David Lose

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Cancer: Lessons Learned by Trevor Ragan

Four Defining Moments for Young Marriages by Dave Harvey (Desiring God)

We Need to Relearn to Be Present by Jesse Carey (RELEVANT)

Want To Do Better And Feel Better? Pay Attention. by Brad Stulberg (The Growth Equation)

Compared to what? by Seth Godin

Five Superpowers by Joshua Brown


How WHOOP is a Valuable Tool to Engage…


The Mouth of a Godly Man by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

When Scripture Gets Weird: Understanding Agur in Proverbs 30 by Alex Kirk (The Gospel Coalition)

The First and Most Broken Commandment by Sinclair Ferguson (Desiring God)

Worship in the Image of Me by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Easter 4 B: Hired Hands by David Lose

John 10:11–18 by Rob Myallis

Cross References: Unsung Heroes of Bible Reading by Will Anderson (The Gospel Coalition)

How We Take God’s Name in Vain by John Piper (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Some Reflections on Being Off Social Media by Scott Young

The Productivity Funnel by…


Only One Empty Tomb by Clarissa Moll (The Gospel Coalition)

The Heart of God’s Law by Chris Bruno (Desiring God)

Seeing Christ in the Shape of the Psalms by Davy Ellison (The Gospel Coalition)

Blessing Can Become a Curse by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

How to Be #Blessed (A Lesson from Psalm 84) by Matt Smethurst (The Gospel Coalition)

Easter 3 B: A Flesh and Bone Resurrection by David Lose

Luke 24:13–35 by Rob Myallis

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

“You’re not that good” by Seth Godin

Words Are the Sculptors of Culture by Lawrence Yeo

Hard Work Is Necessary, But Not Sufficient.

Nathan Belcher, Ed.D.

Physics Teacher. Lover of Jesus, Jessica, physics, math, books, sports, and high-quality education. W&M B.S. ('08), M.A.Ed. ('10). U of SC Ed.D. ('17).

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