2022–10–09 — Interesting Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readOct 14, 2022

Christian Living and Theology

The Hands That Made the Meal by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

Feast of Tabernacles: How Sukkoth Points to God’s Provision by Kevin Burris (The Gospel Coalition)

Luke 17:5–10 by Rob Myallis

Don’t Know How to Help? Try Visiting by Wendy Willard (The Gospel Coalition)

Feast of Trumpets: How Rosh Hashana Prepares Us to Meet God by Davy Ellison (The Gospel Coalition)

Luke 17:11–19 by Rob Myallis

Back and Forth with God by Ed Welch (Desiring God)

Parenting, Leadership, and Personal Growth

How Decision-Makers Can Handle Uncertainty by Gary Klein (Psychology Today)

Overcoming The Trough Of Sorrow: Defeating An Emptiness Inside by Sam Dogen

Bluey’s Beautiful Conservatism by Brett McCracken (The Gospel Coalition)

Why You Shouldn’t Optimize Your Life by Nick Maggiulli

The Adversity Quotient by Ted Lamade

Education and Learning

Spacing Retrieval is More Important than Extra Retrieval by Cindy Nebel (The Learning Scientists)

Systems of Assessments for Measuring Multidimensional Science Standards by Matt Silberglitt and Kevin King (WestEd)

Becoming an expert by Julian Shapiro

How to Master Critical Thinking by Using a Strategy for Critical Reading by Lee Hornbrook

Health, Fitness, and Nutrition

Blood test spots multiple cancers without clear symptoms, study finds by Ian Sample (The Guardian)

Lessons From the Badass Muscular Neurobiologist by Mr. Money Mustache

Internet Brain Is A Real Thing by Brad Stulberg

Business and Finances

White glove service by Seth Godin

Putting Amazon’s PR/FAQ to Practice by Cedric Chin

Marketing to Serve, Not Manipulate by Mary Wiley (The Gospel Coalition)

Review Drift by C. Thi Nguyen

The Five Types of Indie Newsletter Business Models by Dan Oshinsky and Alex Hazlett

Science and Technology

The Merge is Done! Now What? by Nat Eliason (Every)

Bird Migration Explorer by Audubon Society

High-Temperature Superconductivity Understood at Last by Charlie Wood (Quanta Magazine)


Thank you, Benny by Ryan French (The Fire Pit Collective)

‘Find the lanes:’ Patrick Cantlay’s ingenious par-5 strategy, explained by Luke Kerr-Dineen (Golf Digest)

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