2022–08–28 — Interesting Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readSep 2, 2022


Our Gentle and Terrifying God by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

To Walk by the Spirit, You Need Adaptive Capacity by Jay Kim (The Gospel Coalition)

Luke 13:10–17 by Rob Myallis

When Death Does Us Part by Gerrit Dawson (Desiring God)

The Lord’s Prayer: Antidote to Expressive Individualism by Brian Rosner (The Gospel Coalition)

Simply Divine by Michael Reeves (Desiring God)

Luke 14:1;7–14 by Rob Myallis

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Rare Skills by Morgan Housel

How to break the anxiety-fear-avoidance cycle by Casey Rosengren (Every)

Intersectionality and My Adoptive Family by Trent Hunter (Desiring God)

How To Apply An “RPE” Scale To Life by Brad Stulberg (The Growth Equation)

A Practical Guide To Building Team Culture (Including Remote-Team Culture) by David Epstein

Advice from a professor to his children when they started college by Michael Luchs

The 3 Lessons My Teen Son Taught ME When I Was Trying To Teach Him Weightlifting by Chris Davidson

The Power to Bless by Jonathon Woodyard (Desiring God)


Metaphors: Crafting Language to Shape Culture by Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

Mail time: a daily quiz question about average speed by Greg Jacobs

Working Through the Options by David Knuffke

Setting up AP questions in the lab: 2016 P1 #2, the bouncy ball experiment by Greg Jacobs


Why thinking hard makes us feel tired by Heidi Ledford (Nature)

The Basics Of Fitness: A Program For Everyone by Steve Magness

Avoiding Injury Part II: Grip Strength by Peter Attia

How to Overcome Fitness Plateaus and Continue Building Muscle by Emily Rudow


What Is An Asset? by Evan Armstrong (Every)

Breaking Points by Ted Lamade

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