2022–08–14 — Interesting Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readAug 17, 2022


Everything in God Is God by Joe Rigney (Desiring God)

Do the Prophets’ Judgment Oracles Apply Today? by Daniel Timmer (The Gospel Coalition)

Luke 12:49–56 by Rob Myallis

4 Things Creation Teaches Us About God by Daniel Darling (The Gospel Coalition)

How Often Do You Think About Heaven? by Nathan Knight (Desiring God)

The Lord’s Prayer Is Meant to Be Lived by Jeremy Linneman (The Gospel Coalition)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Emerging, Submerging, Sinking or Swimming: Career cycles and trajectories in the GLAMs by Courtney Johnston

Where Will They Learn to Work? by Mary Beeke (Desiring God)

Little Ways The World Works by Morgan Housel

You Won’t Find Yourself Within by Brian Rosner (Desiring God)

The Most Powerful Decision Making Razors by Sahil Bloom


Going Back Into The Classroom After 15 Years: This Time With The Benefit of Trifocals by Jon Harper

Learning and teaching practical wisdom by David MacIver

Re-Thinking Expertise: The Skill Portfolio Account by Gary Klein (Psychology Today)

I should have loved biology by James Somers

Practice Made Perfect: The 10 Keys to Optimize Improvement by Scott Young


This Morning Habit Will Boost Your Dopamine By 250% by The Huberman Notes


Wanna spend $100/month? That’ll be $30,000, please! by Katie Gatti Tassin

Should You Die With Zero? by Nick Maggiulli

How to pick a number for any purpose by David MacIver


Does Crypto Have Any Good Use Cases? by Nat Eliason (Every)

The 2022 Audubon Photography Awards: Winners and Honorable Mentions by The Editors (Audubon Magazine)

Mass and Angular Momentum, Left Ambiguous by Einstein, Get Defined by Steve Nadis (Quanta Magazine)


The Alpena City Open: Majestic in Its Simplicity by Ryan French (Fire Pit Collective)

’22 Goals’: Diego Maradona, 1986 World Cup in Mexico by Brian Phillips (The Ringer)

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