2021–12–05 — Weekly Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readDec 6, 2021


Growing My Faith in the Face of Death by Tim Keller (The Atlantic)

Indescribable by Greg Morse (Desiring God)

3 Reasons to Stand by Your Faith by David Schuman (The Gospel Coalition)

Holiness Means More Than Killing Sin by Sinclair Ferguson (Desiring God)

Luke 3:1–6 by Rob Myallis

Labor to Give (or Take) No Offense by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Escape Your Bubble by Nick Maggiulli

Worrying yourself into excess by David Heinemeier Hansson

A Great Marriage-Wrecking Lie by William Farley (Desiring God)


The Future of Education is Community: The Rise of Cohort-Based Courses by Tiago Forte

Research Debt by Chris Olah and Shan Carter

Believability in Practice by Cedric Chin

Concept map by Adam Amran


A No-Equipment Move To Counteract Too Much Sitting by Anna Maltby

Does Exercise Affect Lifespan? by Peter Attia


A Futurist’s Guide to Preparing Your Company for Constant Change by April Rinne (Harvard Business Review)

Sc3nius by Packy McCormick

People Matter by Dan Luu

Customer service is free by Seth Godin

Investing on Instinct by Evan Armstrong (Every)


Explorable Explanations

The Odor of Things by Scott Sayare (Harper’s Magazine)


Golf pioneer Lee Elder passes away at age 87 by Jason Daniels (GolfWRX)

Hot vs. Cold Golf Balls by MyGolfSpy

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