2021–06–20 — Weekly Articles


Hope Makes a Broken Heart Bigger by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

Mark 4:35–41 by Rob Myallis

Holy Power for Imperfect Preachers by Ray Ortlund (Desiring God)

Don’t Run Out of Jesus While Preaching Grace by Rechab Gray (The Gospel Coalition)

When Did You Last See Grace? by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Five useful questions by Seth Godin

Letter #36: On friendship by Ali Montag

Becoming a More Critical Consumer of Information by Marcus Buckingham (Harvard Business Review)

Make Classics, Not Content by Lawrence Yeo


The Strong Case For Chest Supported Rows by Geoffrey Verity Schofield


We Are All Mats Hummels by Brian Phillips (The Ringer)

Using Nature’s Hazards by Andy Johnson (The Fried Egg)


The Upcoming Remote Work Company Culture War by Ed Zitron

Don’t Win the Game Too Early by Nick Maggiulli

Non-machinable surcharge by Seth Godin

Liquid Net Worth — Easy Definition, Why You Should Care, and a Quick Calculation by Opher Ganel

CWS Market Review — June 16, 2021 by Eddy Elfenbein

Getting the Goalpost to Stop Moving by Morgan Housel


We Shouldn’t Avoid the Unit Vector in Introductory Physics by Rhett Allain

Athletes and Coaches: Learners and Teachers by Steve Barkley

A Project of One’s Own by Paul Graham


Zero Knowledge by Packy McCormick

Anti-Luddism by Marc Tarpenning

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