2021–06–13 — Weekly Articles


The Neglected Ministry of Asking Questions by Blake Glosson (The Gospel Coalition)

Why Did God Allow Polygamy? by Sam Emadi (Desiring God)

Mark 4:26–34 by Rob Myallis

The Only Certain Hope on Earth by Mark Jones (Desiring God)

The (Whole) Old Testament Law in One Word by Josh Philpot (The Gospel Coalition)

‘You Did Not Choose Me’ by Jon Bloom (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Two ways to challenge the status quo by Seth Godin

Digging the Well by Scott Young

Clarifying Problems / Effective Feedback by Jake Bornstein (Talentism)

What Self-Awareness Really Is (and How to Cultivate It) by Tasha Eurich (Harvard Business Review)

Parents, We Get to Pray by Kathleen Nielson (The Gospel Coalition)


Impact of Stress on HRV, Resting Heart Rate & Recovery by Mark Van Deusen (WHOOP)

A hope for treating Alzheimer’s disease? by Peter Attia


Kevin Durant and (Possibly) the Greatest Basketball Team of All Time by Sam Anderson (The New York Times Magazine)

Approach Shot Strategy: How to Lower Your Scores with Smarter Targets by Jon Sherman

What Chess Taught Me About Golf by Matt Saternus (PluggedIn Golf)


ITDA: The Gamification of Financial Statements by Evan Armstrong

Civic LARPing by Alex Danco

Business, The Octopus Game by Cedric Chin

How Can I Save for Retirement Without Being Greedy or Foolish? by Luke Bolton (The Gospel Coalition)


Encouraging Students to Adopt Effective Learning Strategies by Megan Sumeracki (The Learning Scientists)

How to Write Creative Fiction: Umberto Eco’s Four Rules by Farnam Street

THE BIG REVEAL: Showing Students How Metacognition Works by Tricia Taylor (The Learning Scientists)


Lagrangian Example: Sliding Bead on a Rotating Hoop by Rhett Allain

Going Where Few Have Gone Before — Inside All Four Rolex Manufacturing Facilities by Benjamin Clymer (Hodinkee)

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