2021–06–06 — Weekly Articles


Mark 3:20–35 by Rob Myallis

A Most Offensive Love by Joe Rigney (Desiring God)

Follow the Trinity by Following Christ: Discipleship in a Trinitarian Key by Fred Sanders (The Gospel Coalition)

Whatever Christ Commands He Gives by Matt Bradner (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

How to Ask Useful Questions by Josh Kaufman

Why Is Listening So Hard? by Alasdair Groves (Desiring God)

How to Talk to Skeptical Kids About Heaven by Jenny Manley (The Gospel Coalition)


MDMA for PTSD? by Peter Attia

What is the Aerobic Heart Rate Zone and How Do You Target it? by Casey Meserve (WHOOP)

How Breaks Change Our Brain For The Better by Steve Magness (The Growth Equation)


Golf for Beginners: The 33 lessons every new golfer needs to know by Joel Beall (Golf Digest)

What Should You Think About While You Swing? How Locus of Control Can Help Your Performance by Jon Sherman

Handicap Improvement: From 5 to +1 In One Year. by Mike Carroll


What the Hell is Going On? by David Perell

Meeting nullification by Seth Godin

7 Revealing Questions to Know You Found a Solid Used Car by Opher Ganel


Caught in the Study Web by Fadeke Adegbuyi

Better Thinking & Incentives: Lessons From Shakespeare by Farnam Street


4 reasons the B1617 Covid-19 strain spreads so easily by Clara Chong (The Straits Times)

The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World by Walter Scheidel and Elijah Meeks (Stanford University)

Episode #44: Choosing a VPN Provider, 2021 Edition by David Koff

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