2021–05–09 — Weekly Articles


Why Jesus’s Humanity Matters as Much as His Divinity by Michael Kruger (The Gospel Coalition)

The Word of God Comes Alive in Conflict by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Christianity Can Be the Safest Space for Truth-Seeking Intellectuals by Brett McCracken (The Gospel Coalition)

Seeking God Through Doubt by Joseph Minich (Desiring God)

John 15:9–17 by Rob Myallis

Acts 10:44–48 by Rob Myallis

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Radical Acceptance Can Keep Emotional Pain From Turning Into Suffering by Jenny Taitz (The New York Times)

A New Understanding of Effort by Scott Young

George Saunders’s Advice to Graduates by Joel Lovell (The New York Times)

How to Think: The Skill You’ve Never Been Taught by Farnam Street

Practice Analytically, Perform Intuitively by David Perell

How to Silence Your Inner Critic by Jon Acuff (RELEVANT)


One Of The Most Underrated Exercises I See No One Doing by Neeramitra Reddy

What’s Typical? WHOOP Member Averages for Recovery, Strain, Sleep, HRV & Much More by Mark Van Deusen (WHOOP)

How Perfectionism Leads to Athlete Burnout by Alex Hutchinson (Outside)

The Secret to Achieving More: A Good Night’s Sleep by Michael Hyatt

Was COVID-19 the only culprit behind the extraordinary increase in deaths last year? by Peter Attia


Steelers Draft Pick Najee Harris Hosts Draft Party at Homeless Shelter Where He Used to Live by Madeline Coleman (Sports Illustrated)

How Antonio Conte and Romelu Lukaku Toppled Juventus by Ryan O’Hanlon

Tips for Your Next Iron Fitting by Chris Nickel (MyGolfSpy)

How I Used Data to Become a Scratch Golfer by Sean Denning

Architecture 101: Still On the Tee by Gil Hanse (LINKS Magazine)


Gross Margin: An Indicator of Market Power by Evan Armstrong

The ladders of wealth creation: a step-by-step roadmap to building wealth by Nathan Barry

The 2x2 Inflation Debate by Byrne Hobart

Two Bets for the Next Decade by Nick Maggiulli

Christian Principles Made Us Wealthy. So What? by P.J. Hill (The Gospel Coalition)


The power of “by” by Adam Boxer

Launching ProvenTutoring by Robert Slavin

What Bob Slavin Would Want Us To Remember by Friends of Robert Slavin

AP Physics 2 fundamentals “quizzes” — great review exercise in an unusual year. by Greg Jacobs

The Truth About Mental Models with Shane Parrish by Dan Shipper and Kieran O’Hare

Education Researchers Should Think More About Educators: Notes From AERA by Frederick Hess


Daniel Kaminsky, Internet Security Savior, Dies at 42 by Nicole Perlroth (The New York Times)

Episode #43: Torrenting & The Law by David Koff

Scientific Publishing Is a Joke by Benjamin Mazer (The Atlantic)

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