2021–04–25 — Weekly Articles


The Mouth of a Godly Man by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

When Scripture Gets Weird: Understanding Agur in Proverbs 30 by Alex Kirk (The Gospel Coalition)

The First and Most Broken Commandment by Sinclair Ferguson (Desiring God)

Worship in the Image of Me by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Easter 4 B: Hired Hands by David Lose

John 10:11–18 by Rob Myallis

Cross References: Unsung Heroes of Bible Reading by Will Anderson (The Gospel Coalition)

How We Take God’s Name in Vain by John Piper (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Some Reflections on Being Off Social Media by Scott Young

The Productivity Funnel by Cal Newport

The Secret To Attentive Parenting In the Age of Smartphones by Rivi Rotenberg

Why You Should Adopt a Seasonal Mind-Set by Charlie Warzel (The New York Times)


Autoregulation to Improve Training, Exercise More Efficiently & Avoid Burnout by Mark Van Deusen (WHOOP)

There’s a Name for the Blah You’re Feeling: It’s Called Languishing by Adam Grant (The New York Times)


Sergio Ramos and Xavi Were the True Idols of El Clásico by Musa Okwonga (The Ringer)

The Super League: An Inevitable Reality? Or a Billionaire’s Dream? by Ryan O’Hanlon

The European Super League Pyramid Scheme by Brian Phillips (The Ringer)

№13 at Augusta National: A Postmortem by Garrett Morrison (The Fried Egg)

Jordan Spieth, Lydia Ko step back from abyss, but resurrections are rare, even for the greats by Eamon Lynch (Golfweek)

Golf Ball Quality Comparison Tool by MyGolfSpy

The Reason Jae’Sean Tate Has Defied the Naysayers by Mirin Fader (The Ringer)


How People Get Rich Now by Paul Graham

The Craziest Market I’ve Ever Seen by Nick Maggiulli

Surviving a Combinatorial Explosion by Byrne Hobart

Is content moderation a dead end? by Benedict Evans

When Irish Eyes Are Smiling by Marc Rubinstein


Modeling a Spinning and Flipping Handle Using Springs and Python by Rhett Allain

How I’m using the 2020 released AP problems for exam review: Identical Situations by Greg Jacobs

How Might a Coach Respond? by Steve Barkley


SR-71 Breakup by Bill Weaver (Roadrunners Internationale)

Cicada awakening by Peter Attia

Ingenuity’s First Black-and-White Image From the Air by Tony Greicius (NASA)

They Hacked McDonald’s Ice Cream Machines — and Started a Cold War by Andy Greenberg (WIRED)

The Big Theoretical Physics Problem At The Center Of The ‘Muon g-2’ Puzzle by Ethan Siegal

Walking Among The Giants by Om Malik

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