2021–03–21 — Weekly Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readMar 21, 2021



To Souls Who Fall Asleep by Marshall Segal (Desiring God)

John 12:20–33 by Rob Myallis

We Will See His Face by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Not Born Ready: Why Jesus Went to High-Priest Training School by Justin Dillehay (The Gospel Coalition)

Better Than Starbucks: The Local Church and the Beauty of Place by Brent Kompelien (The Gospel Coalition)

Your Body Will Be Whole by Kathryn Butler (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Avoiding Bad Decisions by Farnam Street

My 10 Favorite Free Online Classes by Scott Young

Here’s What Matters by Daily Dad

Telling the Better Story by Alban at Duke Divinity School


Early risk assessment markers to delay cardiovascular disease by Peter Attia

Green Recoveries Help Fuel Justin Thomas’ Players Championship Win by Mark Van Deusen (WHOOP)

Orthotics: Am I Giving Up a Soul For a Sole? by Kingsley Yew (The Ready State)


There Are 1,290 Reasons to Get Excited About Yunus Musah by Ryan O’Hanlon

Bryson DeChambeau: should golf fear or embrace the cold new vision of its future? by Jonathan Liew (The Guardian)

Still the only one: Annika Sorenstam celebrates 20-year anniversary of 59 milestone by Beth Ann Nichols (Golfweek)


Pipe It! Platforms, Funding, and the Future by Alex Danco

Notes on Fail-Safe Investing by Harry Browne by Josh Kaufman

The Microwave Economy by David Perell

Economics for Church Leaders: Scripture’s First Economic Concept by Joe Carter (The Gospel Coalition)

CWS Market Review — March 19, 2021 by Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street)


Coaching as Helping by Steve Barkley

What Is the Power to Run Through Football Players — from “How To” by Rhett Allain


Social Media’s Performative, Poisonous Impact on Education by Frederick Hess

Goodbye, DAMA/LIBRA: World’s Most Controversial Dark Matter Experiment Fails Replication Test by Ethan Siegal

A Radical Mind by NOVA

How Facebook got addicted to spreading misinformation by Karen Hao (MIT Technology Review)



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