2021–03–14 — Weekly Articles


How God’s Father-Love Could Change Your Life by Jamie Dunlop (The Gospel Coalition)

Our Most Destructive Assumption About Heaven by Randy Alcorn (Desiring God)

4 Ways to Love Someone Blindsided By Loss by Clarissa Moll (The Gospel Coalition)

John 3:16 by Rob Myallis

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

How to have better arguments online by Ian Leslie (The Guardian)

The Nuclear Family Was a Mistake by David Brooks (The Atlantic)

When Content Becomes Your King by Dan Shipper and Kieran O’Hare

Your Thinking Rate Is Fixed by Farnam Street

The Common Denominator of Success by Albert Gray

Larger Than Life by Ben Shaw


Chris Hemsworth Is Exactly What’s Wrong With The Fitness Industry by Daniel Hopper

Fitness Is More Than Exercise, It’s Movement by Scott Mayer

Noah Ohlsen’s Biometric Data from CrossFit Games & Hardest Workout Ever by Mark Van Deusen (WHOOP)


5 Ways to Play Golf in the Zone by David MacKenzie

Nine holes at a time. by David Hill

Can Gareth Bale Save Tottenham’s Season? by Ryan O’Hanlon

The Kinetic Sequence by Scott Lynn (Swing Catalyst)

Manchester United don’t have a plan in possession. Does it matter? by Grace Robertson


The Creator Whisperer by Nathan Baschez and Bryant Jefferson

Practical elegance by Seth Godin

Understanding Coinbase by Byrne Hobart

CWS Market Review — March 12, 2021 by Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street)

Investing: The Greatest Show On Earth by Morgan Housel


Modeling the Motion of a Tossed Ball in an Accelerating Elevator by Rhett Allain

Incentive other than a grade: exemptions. by Greg Jacobs

RT;DL Electric Magnetism by Dean Baird

RT;DL Magnetic Electricity by Dean Baird

Coaching for Acceleration by Steve Barkley

Writing Well by Julian Shapiro

The Good, The Bad, and the Physics of Gauss’s Law by Rhett Allain


The Dogs That Grew Wool and the People Who Love Them by Virginia Morell (Hakai Magazine)

The road to electric is filled with tiny cars by Lavender Au (rest of world)

Is Technology Alienating You From Real Life? by Brad Stulberg



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Nathan Belcher

Nathan Belcher


Helping people learn and grow. Lover of beautiful conversations, books, sports, education, family, and Jesus. W&M: B.S '08, M.A.Ed '10 U of SC: Ed.D. '17