2021–02–21 — Weekly Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readFeb 21, 2021


Seek a Broken Heart for Sin by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

Pastor, Your People Need the Hard Texts by Jeff Medders (The Gospel Coalition)

Expect Providence to Surprise You by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Six Definitions of Worship by Justin Taylor (The Gospel Coalition)

Mark 1:9–15 by Rob Myallis

When Good Dreams Don’t Come True by Luke Walker (Desiring God)

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

The Benefits Of Focusing On Principles Instead Of Goals by Brad Stulberg

Smarter People Take More Risks by Scott Young

When To Stop Exploring by Clearer Thinking

Worthy of Family Worship by Don Whitney (Desiring God)

The Key Factor Behind Fierce Self-Discipline by Brad Stulberg


Should you get the COVID-19 vaccine? by Peter Attia

How to Sleep Better at Night Naturally (and with Supplements) by Mark van Deusen (WHOOP)

Saturated fat: Is it good or bad for you? (We have answers.) by Alex Picot-Annand and Helen Kollias (Precision Nutrition)


Kevin Garnett Isn’t Sure His Generation Could Play in Today’s N.B.A. by David Marchese (The New York Times Magazine)

Journey into the Ringer by Derek Duncan (Golf Digest)

Jordan Spieth’s struggles hold a lesson his fellow pros should pay attention to by Eamon Lynch (Golfweek)

Big Golf and Small Golf by Colin Criss (The Fried Egg)

Is this it for Sam Allardyce? by Grace Robertson

Why No One Looks Like a Champions League Winner in 2021 by Ryan O’Hanlon

Q&A: Jeremy Lin on Finding Peace Back in the G League by Logan Murdock (The Ringer)

‘You just can’t make that up’: How an idea to lift up minority golf became something much bigger by Brentley Romine (NBC Golf)


The Policy Triangle by Marc Rubinstein

Publishers, curation and algorithms by Seth Godin

Validating a Side Hustle by Justin Mares

Respect the Base Rate by Nick Maggiulli

CWS Market Review — February 19, 2021 by Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street)

If Everything Will Pass Away, Why Bother Doing a Good Job? by Walter Strickland and Benjamin Quinn (The Gospel Coalition)

Want to set financial goals that stick this year? Start with one word. by Vanguard


RT;DL Van de Graaff Demonstrations by Dean Baird

Best Story Wins by Morgan Housel

12 Life Lessons From Mathematician and Philosopher Gian-Carlo Rota by Farnam Street

10 Lessons of an MIT Education by Gian-Carlo Rota

Teaching and Teachers Are Central to Engagement by Steve Barkley

The Case for Semicolons by Lauren Oyler (The New York Times Magazine)

Getting Below the Surface to Understand Disappointing Outcomes by Robert Slavin

Three Bull Cases for Starlink by Byrne Hobart


Take a Deep Dive into Deep Space by Bob Riddle

Who Gets a Slice of Apple’s Pie? by Jonathon

GPS Only Exists Because Of Two People: Albert Einstein And Gladys West by Ethan Siegal (Forbes)



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