2021–02–07 — Weekly Articles


The Proverbs 31 Man by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

We Needed 2020 (and Still Do) by Todd Murden (The Gospel Coalition)

Anxious About Nothing by Steven Lee (Desiring God)

God, Give Us Teachers Like Jesus by David Mathis (Desiring God)

Epiphany 5 B: Jesus’ Ministry and Ours by David Lose

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Assume You Are Wrong by Tim Shorey (The Gospel Coalition)

Strategy and tactics and Powerpoint by Seth Godin

The High Price of Mistrust by Farnam Street

How To Argue Well by Tor Constantino (RELEVANT)

Walk in His Providence by Scott Hubbard (Desiring God)

On Grief, Joy, and Saying Goodbye: Reepicheep and Aslan’s Country by Matt Mikalatos

Testing Whether Fast Kids Make Future Champions by Alex Hutchinson (Outside)

Ten Conditions for Change by Spark Wave


Does vitamin D deficiency raise COVID-19 risk? by Peter Attia

Shape Up for the New Year with These Golf Improvement Tips by Team Joey D Golf

There Are No Shortcuts To Building Lifetime Fitness by Scott Mayer


Why Liverpool–Manchester City Is Soccer’s Super Bowl by Ryan O’Hanlon

How to Make a Successful Swing Change by Jon Sherman

“Reed is a Great Player, But He’ll Never Be a Great Golfer” by John Huggan (Golf Australia)


The Privacy Front in the Messaging Wars by Byrne Hobart

WTF is DTCC? The Story of Clearing by Marc Rubenstein

CWS Market Review — February 5, 2021 by Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street)


Increase Student Engagement by Connecting Students with Real People by Steve Barkley

Why Isn’t Achievement Whirled Enough by Time? (Why Summer School, After School, and Extended Day Do Not Work Very Well) by Robert Slavin


A Look at iMessage in iOS 14 by Samuel Groß (Google Project Zero)

Time Confetti and the Broken Promise of Leisure by Ashley Williams (Behavior Scientist)

How charging in buildings can power up the electric-vehicle industry by Zealan Hoover, Florian Nägele, Evan Polymeneas, and Shivika Sahdev (McKinsey & Company)

I Talked to the Cassandra of the Internet Age by Charlie Warzel (The New York Times)

Circles, networks and the trust layer by Seth Godin



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Nathan Belcher

Nathan Belcher

Helping people learn and grow. Lover of beautiful conversations, books, sports, education, family, and Jesus. W&M: B.S '08, M.A.Ed '10 U of SC: Ed.D. '17