2020–11–22 — Weekly Articles

Dr. Nathan Belcher
2 min readNov 22, 2020


Stop Praying for Stuff (and Start Praying for God) by David Platt (The Gospel Coalition)

Are They God’s Desires Or Mine? by Terry Looper (FaithGateway)

Christ the King A: The Third Sacrament by David Lose (… in the Meantime)

But Have You Prayed? by Marshall Segal

Matthew 25:31–46 by Rob Myallis

8 Ways Trials Help Us by Katie Faris (The Gospel Coalition)

Take heart by Northwood Church

Leadership/Personal Growth/Parenting

Ten Years by Randall Munroe

Learning Through Play by Farnam Street

Early Work by Paul Graham

The Rise and Fall of Getting Things Done by Cal Newport (The New Yorker)

Jerry Colonna on Exploring Purpose and Motivation by Andy Sparks

The Secret to Creating Lasting Habits by Michael Hyatt

Leaders Need to Harness Aristotle’s 3 Types of Knowledge by Roger Martin, Richard Straub, and Julia Kirby (Harvard Business Review)

7 Ways To Detect B.S. When Reading Pop Science And Self-Help by Brad Stulberg and Steve Magness (The Growth Equation)

Field Technician Mark May — when a job becomes a Calling by Greg Jacobs


3 diet experiments that can change your eating habits — and transform your body (even if they seem way too easy to work). by Julia Malacoff (Precision Nutrition)

A Minimum Effective Dose For Sustainable Success by Brad Stulberg (The Growth Equation)

3 Core Golf Exercises to Link Your Upper and Lower Body by Team Joey D Golf

The 5 universal principles of good nutrition, according to science. by Ryan Maciel and Alisa Bowman (Precision Nutrition)

Energy Systems: A Bird’s Eye View by John Clark

The “Big 3” In Golf Fitness — #3 Speed by Mike Carroll


Musing on the 2020 Master: 3 Takeaways for Your Mental Game by Kent Osborne (Practical Golf)

DK Metcalf is Chasing Glory by David Fleming (ESPN)


DoorDash and Societal Arbitrage by Ranjan Roy

Giving Is the Greatest Wealth by Jon Bloom

Brand vs. Performance Marketing Spectrum by Wes Kao

Understanding Airbnb by Byrne Hobart

CWS Market Review — November 20, 2020 by Eddy Elfenbein (Crossing Wall Street)


Treat NAEP as Reality Check, Not an Advocacy Exercise by Frederick Hess

RT;DL Things That Go Bump! by Dean Baird

In Meta-Analyses, Weak Inclusion Standards Lead to Misleading Conclusions. Here’s Proof. by Robert Slavin

Reframing Change by Steve Barkley

High jump vs hurdles: Replacing grades with curriculum related expectations by David Didau

Retrieval Mapping by Megan Sumeracki (The Learning Scientists)


A Perfect Photo of a Kingfisher, 720K Pictures in the Making by Laura Mallonee (WIRED)

If This Battery War Is Successful, Electric Vehicle Prices Should Fall by Steve LeVine

How The Game Of ‘Plinko’ Perfectly Illustrates Chaos Theory by Ethan Siegel

The mystery of the mud ball by Mike Stachura (GolfDigest)

Why the Navy manages its own private white oak forest by Blake Stilwell (Task & Purpose)



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